Bringing Environmentally Friendly Solutions to the Medical Industry

Our vision at Medpaper® is to take a closer look into the medical industry at what can be changed from plastic to paper. There are many, many benefits to making this change that we could all benefit from. The first paper product from Medpaper® is eco•pí® – a paper product assisting in leaving urine samples. This is a new tool altogether, but it has pushed us into seeing things already in the industry in a new light. If we can develop a brand-new tool that is not inserted or ingested in the body with paper, what else can we change into paper? Medpaper®, a distributor of medical products, including the eco•pí®.

But first, we give you eco•pí®.

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The real question is, why still plastic?

When designing ecopi, people would ask me, Why paper? And I always answered with, Why NOT paper? With 6 million tons of single-use plastics being thrown out every year, and hospitals being a large contributor to that number, why wouldn’t we use paper? While there is a place for plastic in hospitals, Dr’s offices, labs, etc, there is a huge opportunity to move into an area of paper. Ecopi is 99% recyclable paper, yet strong enough to hold full cups of liquid. Because it can be thrown away after use, it also cuts down on wasted water and energy for washing and sanitizing. I believe now is the time to look closer at the medical field and replace plastic with paper where we can – and it is starting with urine specimen samples. Patent pending.